Hologram Origination

Over recent years we have established ourselves in the market by our brand LIDOGRAM, a technology for computer generation and synthesizing of relief-phase diffractive optical elements.

Based on optical lithography, LIDOGRAM is one of the technologies with the highest degree of protection of documents and trademarks.

The major advantage of the LIDOGRAM is its extremely high image resolution for the entire area of the graphical image - 1 000 000 dpi.

Thanks to its high resolution and the combination of digital method of synthesizing and analog origination process, LIDOGRAM ensure reliable protection of the document and is easy recognizable by: naked eye, qualified personnel and experts.

LIDOGRAM's main security features:

  • High contrast  flip effect;
  • Positive/negative flip effect;
  • Holographic raster image with grey scale graduation and true color images;
  • Holographic “white” color;
  • High contrast curves and lines ;
  • Thin lines – 0.005 micron;
  • High contrast Microtext;
  • Color nano-text with size from 50 to 10 micron;
  • Nano-text with size of characters from 10 to 3 microns;
  • Nano-graphics – nano-maps, nano-logotip;
  • Vector format graphic with smooth line 0.7 micron;
  • “Hidden image” viewed in white directed light;
  • Synthesized image viewed in zero order;
  • Nano-hatching;
  • Nano-watermark ;
  • 3D achromatic images or 3D glass relief effect

More about LIDOGRAM, comparison with other competing techniques for recording of holograms and the variety of special effects offered by us, you can find at our website www.LIDOGRAM.com

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